Smiles, laughs and WTF?



Oh ya, this is why I quit

image of someone banging their head against the wall saying "Ohh my god, not this crap again

So after a few hours of tinkering here and there trying to make some site changes, how much have I gotten done? Lets just say I do not really want to talk about it. Yes I know it then makes no sense that I am writing here about it. But I just felt like adding an update on the site. Always a good idea right? Nothing to really update with though. Been a little busy with life so have not gotten much done on here and when I have tried to get some work done I have been running into some issues with being a little rusty at all of this. I am not going to go into details on what still needs to be done because that is just boring. Plus a lot of it is just subtle stuff that I either want to change or just bothers me and needs to change. Then it is on to deciding how the image part of this site will be setup this time. That is quite the undertaking when dealing with so many pictures and adding many many more. But first I need to work out some small issues.

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