Smiles, laughs and WTF?


  • No Comments for now is a simple hobby website that some midwestern boy is toying around with. I started this site up a few years back and had gathered over 10,000 funny images and meme’s. I honestly never gave the site my full attention and at one point I had been trying to give the site an overhaul with the intention of giving it much more deserved attention. Things were going well with little tweaking to the codes here and there. It has been a few years since it happened so it is a little fuzzy. But at some point I edited some code that ended up breaking a huge part of the site. I worked for hours to try to track it down and fix it. I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning on the night I crashed the site. I was never able to quite fix things and I decided I needed to concentrate on my life more and just decided to walk away.

I kept the facebook page active but did not post to it often. But I have always wanted to get this site up and going again. I have noticed an increase in facebook followers that seems to just keep growing. So I have been tryng to put in more work on the facebook page and figure that it might be a good time to try to revive the website aswell.

So here it is for what it is worth. Please stop by the facebook page and drop a like. I havenot even announced on there yet that the site is going live again. But as thing develop, I will be sure to keep everyone updated there.

Funny facebook meme image
If you are on the facebook page make sure you react to those posts by clicking a like or even leaving a one word comment. Just let me know you are out there.

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