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Legal mumbo-jumbo

Unless otherwise stated, all pictures , videos and news stories are property of their original creator. Credit and links will always be provided if I can find information on the original posting or author of the subject. Everything I post here unless stated otherwise is posted either under the creative commons license, posted as suspected public domain or shared as public interest with link provided to original content or posting. . When pictures or videos are used the same rules as above will be used. But because of the vastness of the internet and howmany people share stuff like this, it can be quite hard to track down where stuff came from. So with all that said, if you see a video, picture, news story or something else on this site and you are the original creator or know of the creator, please let me know. If you can show me that you own the item in question I will be happy to give credit or remove the item in question. In some cases you will find images on this site that have a watermark. In those cases one of a few things may be taking place. Here are a few possibilities. Removing the watermark would take away too much from the image in question so the watermark was left as is even if I do not think the watermark is from the original creator. In other words the image was posted on here as it was found on the internet. Or perhaps the original creator contacted the site and asked for the image to be watermarked.

I tried to cover most situations above. But there is always a chance I missed something that could come up. What it all boils down to is if you have a problem with something here than please contact me and let me know what and why. Please make sure to include the web address to the item in question on my site so I will know what you are talking about.